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(forget the smiles)

.....life with _____......and cedar point!!!!!!!!!!! [10 Aug 2006|10:33am]
[ mood | curious ]

okay so life has been really good ....yet stressful and sucky at the same time!...so like the last update i've been hanging out with lance a lot ...like everyday for a lil bit at least lol!! so it's amazing...we have such a good time together just messing around and talking....and just everything!!!...we went to beirut palace the last two nights and smoked the hookah with my older bro, his gf, chris franco one day, jason franco the other day, and lance and i! ...so it's been cool chilling with all of them!! but no more hookah for me for a while ...and just FYI NO MORE DRINKING!!!!!!! cuz it doesn't intrigue me as much and i'm in the best shape i've been in ...in forever...like we did a timed mile the other day and i ran a 5:59!!! only 7 seconds slower then my best time EVER and that's not even in season yet lol!!! so yea!! i really like lance he's a really cool guy even though he's crazy strong...like strong enough he just grabs my hands and lifts me up...you gotta see it it's hard to explain...!!! but newho.... we're like together but not...like it's not official cuz he hasn't asked me officially lol!!...so we'll see how it goes!!...*cross fingers*...*wishes*...and cedar point on saturday it's only LANCE and I going now!! lol!!1 it's going to be kick asss and less complicating!...so that'll be sweet!! but yea i gotta go to work so CELL IT CHICKAHS and FUCKERS!!! lol j/k!! i love you all! u know the #!!!

(forget the smiles)

THIS SATURDAY.. 8/12!!! [07 Aug 2006|09:57am]
[ mood | wondering...??..!!! ]

OMFG...my MOTHER is LETTING MEEEE TAKE THE VAN WITH PPL in it to CEDAR POINT WITHOUT PARENTALS on saturday!!!!! lol!!!she's trusting me to do it!!! and not only that but i talked to her at work and she really wants lance to go with me! lol! and that's not all of it yet either!! she also told me i should stop at a rest area and sleep there and come back the next day!!!!!!!! omfg where has my mother gone? lmao!! i love this trust and responsibility!! it's awesome knowing she trusts me that much!! it's insane!!! it should be a great trip!! i really hope lance decides to go because it would and will be the shit!! i'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!...well last night i ran on the track..my mommy watched! i did 10 400's! at around 1:30 pace..the first one i dunno what my time was cuz my watched wasn't working right but the next nine were...29,28,28,29,30,31,34,28,27...i believe that's how they went..and while i was doing them lance called around 9:30 or so and i called him back in the middle of my rest times and he wanted to know if i wanted to see a movie so after i ran i came home showered real quick and went and picked him up and met jason at the movies and saw miami vice! it was an alright movie not as good as it was supposed to be though ...kinda boring..! but just got done with practice we did a 6 mile run so i did around 8-9 ...then drop em off then to mcdys drive thru then home and now chilling i gotta work 11-4!! CELLY IT PEOPLES!!! love you!!

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.....life.... [06 Aug 2006|07:49pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well my nana died the other day *tears*!!!...i was at work when i found out and had to work three more hours!! it was hard...i was like crying while tryin to get ppls orders! it sucked!!...then i went to visit the family and while i was there i took justin to go get food for them and ice and picked up lance!1 lance met them!...mrs.scott and papa seemed to approve of him!!...okay my nana isn't my blood nana she's justin's real gma but we grew up with them FOREVER and so she was like our grandma also!!!so she's my nana too!!!....then ihung out with lance and pin and brian we had some 151 and watched the stupidest movie ever...Santanic or somethign!...and chilled there until i had to be home by one!..and ive been hanging out with lance a lot lately my fam likes him!! looking forward to taking the van to cedar point on saturday!!!!!!! my mommy trusts me and is letting me!!1 she really wants lance to go too so that's even funnier!!!....well i don't want to talk much so call the celly to hang out!!!

MUCHO LOVE TO NANA!!!!!!!!*tears*...you'll be missed forever!!
p.s...she's in the guinesses book of world records!!...she was/is the longest person to live with this on disease...6 years!!! damn she wasn't suppposed to last!!1...we thought she'd live forever...*tears*..i guess not!!!*tears*

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LIFEE!!!!! [02 Aug 2006|11:31am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Alrite i have to tell you guys about Rambo run at camp first...so i was with 4 other guys and ross...and we ran to the sand dunes and i got to jump off of them and everything....then we ran to the mud pit and i belly flopped then ran to the river i swam across it and the current was strong!...then i slipped cut,bruised,and scratched myself!..and got to jump off a cliff into the water numerous times!!!! owww owww it was the BEST!!!
Neways...i've been hanging out with lance..monday we went to the movies and took my lil bro and his friend to see Clerks 2 ..then drop them off..then to aunt's house but only my gma was there..then ice cream!!..then to dairy bar to talk to mom...then to his place to play cards with the gma and practical gdad..and his lil bro!!!..then yesterday we went to applebees with lauren and robbie...then watched final destination 3 at laurens house..then to mine...ended up watching a movie..then just chillin messing around until a lil after 2 and i took him home!!
Running's going awesome i love it..i love my girls!!! if it wasn't for cross i wouldn't see emily soo much and have our quality time together!!!! i love her and always will i hope one day she understands just how much she means to me.....
Well i'm out...i'm going for a run!! call the celly!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [31 Jul 2006|10:42am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wowserz long time no update!! hehe!...well in a 7 minute update real quick before going to work here goes what's been up with me!...Before going to camp i..
-PARTIED 3 out of 4 nights!!...sleeping over lances 2 of those nights
-ran a race -no sleeping!
-RUNNING!! -rehighlighting my hair!! (mostly all blonde now)
-working -OUT AND ABOUT!!!
-jacuzzing at lances -MOVIE NIGHT w/Lance(friday before i left for camp)we
hung out unil 4:30 in the morning at my house!!
hehe! he met my sister and her bf and they're best
friend Kyle!!

Then off to camp where i did lots and lots of running!!! and when you weren't running you were either eating, or in the ice pond resting/icing your legs ...or busy doing something else!! it was the shit camp!! we played games too...amoeba tag,clumping, SWAMP CREATURES!!,sharks and minoes and more!!...played VBALL!!!...played frizbee in the dark the last night!!... i cried when i had to leave cuz ross (one of the conselours biked next to me all the time!! and i've never had neone train with me like that)!!... my accomplishment of the week was doing a 11.3 mile run that feels like 15 miles cuz it has 17 HILLS!!! and they're upnorth hillls!!! AHH!!! lol!! i did it without walking it was awesome!... i'm hoping to be a counselor next year there!! ...well i'm off to work i get off at 2!!! i missed you all call the celly!!

oh and i hung out with lance last night!!! first night back and after work i hung out with him saweet lol!

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why do i feel like this....??1!sdljfiadstjuiofatjlj! [08 Jul 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


SOMEBODY HELP ME!!PLEASE..........*tears*...

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.... [07 Jul 2006|09:03am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Alrite..so on Wednesday i hung out with james after work! we went bowling and drove his friend to his house cuz he had no ride! then back to his house to work on his amp and his speakers!! i met his family they were really nice! his brother joe seems like a really good guy! his cousins were kewl except for kyle who was being mean!..running around the neighborhood with two basketballs and jumping over hedges and flower pots and lawns and dodging shit and four boys not being able to catch you is some funny shit to watch!! lmao! good times!!..i was a defender of his car when they were shooting cuz james and his dad didn't want to get hit while working on the car so i defended them lol!..then on my way home i got BK and then brought it home ate and went to bed after will and grace!...then woke up early yesterday for practice!! then to mcdonalds and then home and i slept until about 1! ahh sleep for a lil bit!...then did my chores my mommy asked of me and then picked up krystal and got an ice cream from work and then off to amandas where we did some errands and then went over to maciejs house! where ernest,alec,mark,kevin,amanda,kristin,and steve came too!! oh and andrew showed up really late and stayed for alil bit then left!...It was a grande ole time! i played some pong and i made it in the last cup damn im getting better at this game!! ernest and i won both games ..fuck yes that's how we do!!..then just sat around and drank and talked and laughed then i ended up callin james.. an we talked for a long while! it was good to talk to him...by the way...I'm sorry james for callin and prolly keeping you up..and thanx!!..then layed down after a lil bit of drinking some orange juice and put a water in the fridge for me for later and then ended up passing out/falling asleep around 3?! then wokeup off and on and got up for good around 7?! then to amandas to change and pick up my car then drop krystal off at home and then to my house and now i'm here! today i have to go shopping for crazes grad party tonight and then going there around 4 and then around 6 my coach is gonna pick me up from my house and i'm going to go run a race!! woot woot! lets see how i do!...well i'm out sorry and thanx again superman!...and who all was with me last night it was mostly a good fuckin night but no at the same time lol! great job to us!! "Did you see how many beers mostly only 3-5 of us drank??!!" damn!!lol!
*~*~I dunno how i'm going to be able to talk/see to him and not feel stupid and horrible!...??????
***I'm thinking no partying for a while?? cuz i dunt wanna be like that...i'll go if i'm a supervisor or DD though cuz i still wanna chill with everyone!...

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3rd of July - now!! [05 Jul 2006|09:33am]
[ mood | giggly ]


Alrite so on the 3rd of july i just chilled at home until about 5 (with my lil sista passed out on me while i was on the computer chair lmao... aww cute!!cuz we had her for a few days cuz my dad went to a concert with my stepmom)..oh and it was hers (delaney's my lil sistas and jimmys bday!! jimmy 20yrs and delaney 2yrs)..then i got ready and met up with coach setlak at dodge park and we ran almost 7 1/2 miles again!!oww oww!!we talked about everything and anything..she had me try these block things you're supposed to eat on ur long runs to keep you hydrated and everything! it was pretty good it was strawberry yummy lol!! then we stretched,and ate some watermelon and some raspberries and some almonds!! then we talked to jody on speaker phone haha lmao! she asked if he'd like to join us on one of our runs one day but he could roller blad lmfao! then i headed home and showered and got all ready for the annual (15th actually) 3rd of July parttayy!! it was awesome! i got there and i had to be a lil ones partner for egg toss but he didn't do so good lmao then i said my hellos to the family!! and then walked inside and saw JOHN-O!! jeremy, erica, sam and curtis!! awww it was great seeing them all again!! i helped amy and sam set up the pudding eating contest it was weird for me not to be in it cuz that was always my thing!.. then all the older kids chilled and the guys ended up sling shotting water balloons out into the street trying to hit the parked cars lmao! then they played charades/props with a blown up pole thingy .."look i'm edward scissor hands"lmao that was one of the best ones they had!.. then fireworks and then everyone headed out so i said my sad goodbyes to everyone and i chilled there and talked with them (sarvers) for a good 2 hours after everyone left..and i told a lil boy (son of the guy who two years ago hit me with a frozen water balloon to the face lmao) that if he was lucky that next year i might hand down my crown of pie eating to him if he was lucky and beat the other kids next year (cuz he was sayin to mrs.sarver how good he did this year..i don't even know if he won? lmao)...lmao.we talked about my family and ben and how they're all doing and about the good olde times and about all the guys lmao!!("you should try john-o he's such a nice guy")..("deneen he was very protective of you...he just acted cool with it cuz he was trying to be the friend with him and the brother for you..trust me he talked about it with me many times")..lol aww ben!!..("we were worried about the pie eating contest (puddin) cuz it was always u and ben pumping everyone up for it and you guys were always the one waitting for it and with ben not here and when it started at six and you weren't here we weren't sure if you were coming or not and we were like aww how's the contest going to go over without those two" aww lol but alls well cuz i was there!)then i headed out at around 1 o'clock! then i went to bed and woke up early the next day to go running with coach and jaimie (older girl that i've met before)..we ran about 4 1/2! then ate a lil bit again then headed off to lowes to get propane and then to work until 4! then got off came home and found my family over (my dads side)!! i like barely ever see them so that was kewl we had a good time! then i showered and got ready and drove my bros gf home and got gas and then got home and waitted for robby to get over to drop his car off and then we left to go to ashleys and ended up stopping to get fireworks and lighters and then got lost (in egypt lmfao!!!) then guy in delivery car (pretty good lookin) was driving next to me and kept looking at me and finally he goes "i think you need some foil (cuz ur soo hott)" and i was just like "oh really and smiled and laughed lol!! robby was on the phone with lauren when he said it so when he got off he's like "what did he say to you"? so i had to explain to him what this dude that was driving next to us for some miles said to me and he just started cracking up going that's awesome lol! then got to ashleys did a few fireworks of hers and then left and picked up pat and went to hatherly and we lit ours off and then dropped pat off and then we went to mcdonalds and taco hut and then to my house ..ate and then he left at around 12!! it was an awesome night ..oh and i talked to james a few times but didn't end up meeting up with him..neways it was an awesome night robby and i had a blast!! we talked about everything and it was nice to just be open like that and we messed around all night!! we laughed like the whole time lol!..("i only ate two bananas..not pats cuz they were small")..("i should go in there with these sunglasses and act gay")..("omg..ur over an hour late")...("some of the things they said were just funny..not knowing how to light a firework?" lmfao)!! but great times had by all! well i woke up this morning and went running with steph and we talked about everything going on the past few days and now i'm back home and then i got to work at 11 until 5?! but i'm free afterwards no plans so if you wanna do something hit me up!1


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Another party!! [02 Jul 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Alrite so yesterday i chilled at home and did some crap and then at 7 i met up at hatherly with lauren and andrew matti and robby and his bro and dan and his bro and pat and his friend and josh tylenda to play soccer!! that was hilarious shit!! me being afraid and robby and i alopping without neone knowing..(cuz they were too busy talking about shins)lmao!..robby makin fun of my running so i kept running like a girl just for my honey lmao! j/k! and then me actually playing good the last half of the 3 hours we played lmao!...then off to my house to drop cars off and get ready for party i was heading to with stephanie after dinner with robby (my husband),lauren,robs bro,pat and stephanie!! coney island was closed so we went to big boys instead!! what a blast it was there!! rob almost making me a widow so soon cuz he choked on his drink through a straw? lmfao!! great quotes from the night.. "i wish it were cherries instead of strawberries on the ceiling"(between me and steph);...me:"don't talk to ur wife like that cuz i can cut you off"..rob:"but how you have the credit cards babe"..*robs bro and i look at each other and start laughing*..then rob laughs "oh yea i'm sorry i don't want to get cut off" lmfao! but sooo many more great things but you don't need to know allthe stuff lol! then home to drop lauren off to grab her car to go home and grabbed stephs car and off to neils house to PARRTYY!!! got there around 11:50! yea! practically the same time we got to the other party we went to with them 6-7 months ago hehe! so we get there and chill for a few minutes talking and i said waddup to jeremy and asain and neil since i haven't seen them in 6-7 months!! sweetness! then i grab stephs camera and the guys mentioned VODKA!! omfg so i had to grab the camera and steph and i took a huge ass vodka shot in these freakin tall ass glasses!! the pic came out fuckin awesome as hell! lol! then i played some beer pong with jason (one of stephs twin cousins) as my partner!! omfg i did good actually i was amazed lmao!! we came back from being down 7-1 lmao! we lost though but only by 2 damn! it was a close ass game everyone had to stop what they were doing to get their asses over to watch us finish! lol! then chilled and just drank some beers and made ppls drinks!...then i had to be a good luck charm for jason when he was playing with megan!! and it fuckin worked they won both times and i stood next to them!! fuck yes!! oww oww!! everyone was like can we have her? and jason was like no i said it first lmao!! then more chilling and talking!! then shit happened with ppl callin james and shit went down!...then more drinking for me and then i had jeremy make mac and cheese!! lmao!! it was good shit even if it wasn't kraft lol! he cooked mostly the whole time with me on his back with my beer lmao! funny shit!! then ate and talked with steph in the hallway (tryin to not pass out lol)..then talking to neil in the hallway with more mac! then inside and took a vodka shot by myself as everyones passed out and steph and i laid with jeremy! i actually got a lil bit of sleep for once but not much!! we left at 8! then home and then worked and then shit happened then more shit and now here !! so hit me up i love you all whom i love! cell it!

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PARTTAAAYYY!!!! [01 Jul 2006|11:26am]
[ mood | flirty 'n' excited ]

Alrite!! so last night was the fricken shit!! I got to hang out with lauren and andrew matti and when you get us three together it gets pretty hilarious and crazy and a fricken riot i'm not gonna lie!! lol! after we chilled for a few hours we went for a walk and ended up gettting stopped at ryan kierkowski's place cuz they were getting ready to throw a party so we talked with them and drank a beer and then off to andrews car and to lil caesars for breadsticks and then we headed over to danny's!! oww oww!! it was a fricken great ass time!! james showed up but he could only stay for like maybe an hour and a half!! *tears*! but my bro showed up too! so that was funny but he was kewl after the first few minutes and then he was talking with james and everything!...i watched jimmy play beer pong!!...i had to cover his mouth and drag/carry his ass inside cuz he was wayyyy tooo loud outside when he was smoking and so that was funny he was crackin up!!... haha i didn't play beer pong cuz at that time i didn't know where i was sleeping at and i didn't have a partner! so then andrew and lauren have to leave and danny said that i could crash at his house!! so i parted ways with andrew and lauren and kept on drinking and talking with everyone!!....Then stephanie fuckin huber shows up with her boyfriend and i was like "omfg steph ahhh"!! lol!! so then i take a vodka shot with eddie and kramer was in the picture too but my phone camera was like not enough memory!! i was pissed cuz i wanted that fuckin shot picture!! lol!! but yea so i chill with steph and dan and then they leave and i just keep on drinking and chilling with everyone and this one guy named ryan was really kewl he saved my life a couple times OMFG THANK YOU RYAN!!! you are my hero lol! then crazy shit happens with glow sticks and me going to get killed???! and then making 3 dollars for nothing lmao!...then being a dick judge? wtf! but didn't end up happening cuz they were too crazy lmao!...my bro left around like 2-3?? i think! and everyone was like that's hilarious that deneens crashin here and jimmy has to go home lmao! i was like he's sooo fucked if he goes home like that lol! ...but so i just chilled with everyone drinking and talking with ryan and everyone else and dancing and laughing and then a 25 year old lady split her chin open cuz she was totally gone and slipped in the kitchen and hit her chin!! so off to the ER she went! they came back around like 7 something and i was like wtf!! ...you weird ass girls gotta leave lol!....then i get sprayed with the hose thingy in the kitchen so i was drenched and then hit in the head with a soccer ball!! but yea it was crazy i got like no sleep ...awww ryan you looked soo cute sleeping lmao!! but omfg it was a great night!!! i haven't had fun like that in a while! it was splendid!!! and i'm really glad i got to see superman i've missed him!! but yea well i'm off dunno what i'm doing maybe sleep but prolly not cuz i'm too like awake??! weird lol!..but i'm off work today so hit me up if you wanna chill with a crazy,fun ass,chicky!!!

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Last night! [29 Jun 2006|10:21am]
[ mood | worried ]

Alrite so last night i went to my lil bros hockey tryout with my mommy!!...and one of my bros like bff since they were mini mites came and i was like omfg he's soooo grown up now!! i miss having ethan around i was like awww i remember when they were inseperateable and everything!*tears*! so i told him i hope to see him come around more often cuz we/i miss him and his whole family!...then during the tryouts my phone rang and it was jody again callin to see what was up and what my plans were for friday! so i told him i was free until six cuz i'm going out with andrew matti after six!! oww oww! so jody and i might hang out friday but who knows!..then a lil later my phone rings and it's joseph so i'm like hey and he talks about how the camps going and he says he misses me(omfg someone actually misses me???!!!!awww)and that he'll call me when he comes home for a lil bit next week and we'll try to get together so i was like okay! and he's like alrite well love you take care bye and i was like love you too bye! i was just like sweet someone actually misses me lmao!...then after the try out when we were all standing around my phone rang AGAIN!!! and it was ralph this time asking if i wanted to come to his bonfire...so i'm like yea but i wouldn't get there until like 11:30 or later cuz i had to pick up my car from home!..so i get home and pick up my car and head on over there! there was him and three other guys by the time i got there and everyone else had left already!..so they chill and then they leave at 12 and a lil after! so ralph and i decide to go in the pool!!..which was COLD! i wouldn't go under the water even though he would pick me up and start to lower me into the water!!! AHHHH!! ...so then at like 12:40-45 i left to get home by 1!! then watched t.v for like a half hour or so and went to bed! then this morning woke up early wished james a good happy day and picked up steph to come to practice with me!!...we ran almost 4 miles with steph and i doing sprints the last two miles!! saweeet!! then after everyone left we went on a run by ourselves for like another 2 miles cuz we were tight from the sprinting we did!!...but the four miles we ran were like just over 7 minute pace!! it was crazy we did awesome!! and the dad said that we were crazy cuz we were able to hold a conversation the whole time while we were running lmfao!!! i'm just like that's how we do it. everyone always says it's crazy but w/e we're good like that lol! then after our 2 mile run i take her home and then pick up mcdonalds again on the way home and now i'm on the computer prolly going back to bed and then doing i dunno until 5 cuz i have to work 5-10!! if you want to see me come up and visit or call me up and maybe we can chill for a lil bit after work!!.....EVERYONE LOVES SURPRISES!!!???.....*wishing*..*hoping*...*dreaming*...HEHE!

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........ [28 Jun 2006|05:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So today i've been pretty much running around everywhere!...i woke up really early AGAIN! cuz i had to go to the ortho and pick up my new retainer (cuz i grind my teeth so bad that the retainer was like cracked so they had to make me a new one)...then i went home and ate some cereal and then rested for like an hour before heading over to Nelson Park to run with stephanie!!! oww oww us pimpin sistas!! we ran like a lil over 5 prolly!! we had a blast...just ran and talked and cracked ourselves up!!....Then when saying goodbye to steph my phone rang so i pick it up and it's lauren so i left the park and headed up to the school to meet up with lauren...then i drove up to taco hut and we ate then headed back to the school and just chilled there for an hour in my car jamming to my music and watching the storm and being upset/mad/yelly at god??..(and my auto body buddy Jody called me to see how i've been and everything...him and his gf broke up *tears*..so i told him to call me sometime and we'd hang out and he said that sounded great so that was weird and kinda kewl to hear from him)... then she left in her car from the school to go back to Macomb for school and i went home and was soooo exhausted so i fell asleep while waitting for my sis to get out of the shower..then hopped in and then left with her to meet my mom up at work so we could go get my running shoes...so to Hansons for my shoes...didn't get new balance for the first time ever!! weird!..then back here...to do chores i was supposed to do earlier and now just chilling.....lauren and i might chill tonight but dunno it depends on how she's feeling and what she's up for!! so feel free to hit me up girlies and boys!....*wishing*..*hoping*...*dreaming*...lol

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[27 Jun 2006|03:21pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So yesterday did pretty much nothing...i chilled on the computer and rested/tried to sleep until i had to go into work at 4! then i worked until 10!...john(one of the guys from the beach)...called me again while i was working..lmao!..they were waitting for a case of beer to show up but i didn't meet up with them!..then on the com until 2 then off to bed! then woke up early again today for another cross practice!! i ran 20mins out and 20 mins in!1 i came in 1 min and 13seconds faster than what i went out at!! oww oww!!...then to mcdonalds drive thru then to work...now here on the com...then who the fuck knows! no plans just w/e comes up so hit up the cell fuckers!!

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AWESOMENESS!! lol [26 Jun 2006|09:39am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

okay so yesterday was a sweet ass day!! after running i showered and then went and looked/picked out flowers with my mommy for the house!! "deneen when does this stop? Do you see where it ends"? lmfao (mom and bags to go under flowers don't cooperate lol)! then home and drive thru of taco bell and dropped off food at my aunt and uncles dairy o and chilled there talking with my cousins and my auntie!! then off to the dairy bar cuz my mom had to work then home and then left to go to james to go to cj barrymores!! oww oww!! played video games after i sang along and did a tiny bit of dancing and goofing around outside (to My Humps) while he was smoking! lol! i won in air hockey booyah!! haha!! then played some games got a candy necklace and he got an air heads lol! "what a rip off"! then to barnes and nobles to look around..."oh is this what you want?..you want a bead fantasies 2? lmao huh? huh? *gets hit in head with book* lmao!"..and he got a Bizzare magazine lol!! then off to starbucks to meet up with his friend brian and his boyfriend MIke!! omfg i loved those guys!! they were the best!! then met some other kewl ppls!! bonfire at starbucks hehe!! then left and went out to the country with Brian,Mike and James!! yes the country!SO FUCKIN ROAD TRIP!! ahhh fun!! went to a cemetary where i found a trail but it had weird rope things and i didn't want to die so i and no one else went through there! lmao! then off to the monk monastery! after a pit stop for me to pee in a weirdass scary bathroom in this weird place...and after going the wrong way lmao! then switch drivers and seats..and following monks and then their car disappearing???!!! wtf! lol! then turning around and heading back and then another car turning out of monastery with left blinker on ended up turning right and following us???!! wtf that's some funny and creepy shit!! and it was like 11 or so at night?? two cars leaving a monastery within not even 5 minutes of each other at that time??! creepy yet hilarious!! then switch drivers again...and then road trip back to starbucks to pick up my car then home!! then woke up early today to meet up at the school to run!...then to mcdonalds where i got treated on by emily!! and then mike told me how emily was being mean?! before she left to go upnorth last week lol!1 then talking then home and now here where i dunno what i'm doing until 4 cuz i work from 4- close (10)..so if you want to do something after hit me up!!loving life???!!...

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Date and Recite and Running! [25 Jun 2006|11:56am]
[ mood | flirty n hyper ]

So yesterday i went to Royal Oak with james and we hit up beirut palace first and sat there and he had something to eat and we smoked the hooka!!! it was nice!! i got even more tan lol! then we hit up funky 7?..and i got a hat and a keychain from there then we went and played video games across the street and i lost to him *sad face*..but i beat the com in the other game!! yes!!....then we went to go to coldstone but i remembered that we had to go to the car cuz our time limit on the thing was up and we got there and he had a five dollar ticket lol!! sorry hehe!...it was funny he's like they're sooo expensive and we get there and it's like 5 dollars! lmao! then we head over to see click at MJR it was good!! i gave it a four or just below it!! it was funny and sad yet one you get a message from so it all worked out!! then we headed over to Bd's Mongolian BBQ!! oww oww!! great food! then he dropped me off and i went to amandas dance recital and then came home and chilled then went to james house..where he wasn't home lol! then back home to chill and go get Burger King at like 11:30! then stayed on com all night! then early this morning i woke up at like 8:20 and left at like 8:40 to go meet up with my coach at Dodge Park to go for a long ass run since i wasn't doing the race that i wanted to do today..i met one of her friends but she left after like 3-31/2 miles!! we did like 7-8 miles!! woot woot! i was ahead of them for like the first 4 and then after the friend left coach picked it up and since i haven't been eating i got exhausted after 5 and so i couldn't speed up my pace like coach was doing so i lagged behind her for the last 1'1/2-2 miles but it doesn't matter i still ran them and at a great pace for not running distance in a long ass time!! but i felt so relieved that i could do that i am proud!..cross country practices start tomorrow..7am OMFG i'm gonna die!! and the days i don't have practices i'm gonna do distance runs cuz i'm goin to states this year baby!! but i'm out had a great day yesterday with superman...it was a riot and a blast...hit me up if you wanna do nething ppls!! no plans for today as of now!!loving...

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Beach and Guys!! hehe [24 Jun 2006|09:29am]
[ mood | complacent ]

So thursday i just chilled with krystal and picked weeds and ran! But yesterday was an awesome day even though i had to run around everywhere!!So i wake up and then steph and i decided to go for a run so i get ready and go pick that bitch sista (lol j/k) up! Then off to Dodge park we go!! talking and jamming lol! then we ran for like 4-6 miles?..?!! lol and we ran at a pretty good pace i didn't think i'd finish lol! i was like in my head thinking "no pain cmon stay with steph lets go can't stop lol"! but it was awesome we ran and talked and laughed like we used to!! i really miss it!! I miss my sister on my runs and our randomness that's the best!! so then we head home i drop her off and then rushed home to get ready for the beach!! oww oww!! then krys comes over and we head of to get kristin!! then we jammed and laughed on the way there!! then met up with everyone(carolyn,terri,stephanie (not that steph i dunno her last name),franco (chris),dunya,and ryan,and us threee duh!! lol) we played beach volleyball!! franco and i verse ryan,dunya,and terri!! they won first game but we won next two oww oww yes! us asains lmao!1 (the last game and a half a girl named christina came and played with us! then went and sat back down with everyone else and i tanned...key on my back? ryan where is it?..lmfao!1 then left cuz i had to work..me:"why are there hot cute guys standing by my car?"!!lol!! guys:"oh they have a volleyball!..why you guys leaving soo soon?" ..me:"cuz we've been here all day"so then i put everything away and jam to my music and start to leave but then i'm like no wait (in my head and to krys and kristin)! so i stop my car and reverse that bitch all the way up to the guys where i already wrote down my phone number on a peice of paper and krystal handed it too them!! guys:"no name?" krys:"uh..d"..me:cutting her off"nope"..krys"i guess not" lmfao then drove away!! i was laughing soo hard and so proud i've never done something like that before!! then dropped them off and went to work!! where they did call later at lol!! all i know is the one who called name is john! but my name is still a secret lol!then got off work and went to get tickets for click for today but they said i couldn't do that! so not too happy!..then on the way home a car load of guys pulls up next to me and wave and talk to me and they're signaling something and then they pull into a park and i honk but i didn't want to get raped cuz i was the only one in my car so i didn't follow! lol!! i was like "what is up with guys and i today?" lol!but i'm off gotta go get ready for today!..my thumb i busted playing vball so my knuckle is black and blue and purple and swollen and it hurts! well hit up the cell bitches!

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LIFE!! [22 Jun 2006|12:14am]
[ mood | excited ]

alright so yesterday was a crazy night!...before the crazy night happened i worked and then went bathing suit shopping (woot woot 2 new bathing suits..saaawweeeett!!!) then all this stuff goes wrong with james and his court thing cuz i didn't hear from him and got freaked out ...told him i never wanted to talk to him again...he calls...pick up then passed out (but don't worry...krystal saved my phone lol)...try to talk to james while drinking water krys gave me and while trying not to hyperventilate and die...explained myself i think?..listened to him..got off phone...later talked to him on the com..figured mostly everything out!!..krystal left when miller got here! thanx for everything krystal i love you always..and miller!!lol!! then sleep!! then work this morning..then home...showered got ready..then out to the mall to originally get tattoos but got sidetracked at a huge victorias secret sale!! so bought close to $75.00 worth of cute stuff from there!! lol!! i spoiled myself!!oww ooww! then home...then to krys's ..where we danced..took pics lol...dane cook videos lmao..dinner...tv..more dancing and being US RANDOM CHICKIES!! then home at like 10:15-10:20! and james pulled in at the same time... haha....(ooppss i mean he pulled in 3.5 seconds earlier..he beat me lol)...so then we run inside and i say hello and we chill here watching tv and talking and doing w/e for like 40minutes before he had to leave *sad face* ...so said bye to him and made plans for saturday!! soo excited for it!!!yaaay!..and now i'm updating and talking to krys and we are chilling tomorrow!! woot woot!!...should be an awesome frickin weekend ..love to you all that i love lol!! hit up the cell!!

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89X CONCERT! [19 Jun 2006|10:11am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

omfg the 89x concert was a blast! Even if DASHBOARD did totally let me down and bum me out and i wanted to shoot them except for their last 3 songs..the day was great! James and i were together, colin and brad were together, and then my dad and stepmom were together!! so we all split up like that all day and went wherever we wanted!! wowserz!but we saw KILL HANNAH (sucked).left them after like 1-2 songs, then saw BEDFORD DRIVE (they were good!!), then saw THOUSAND FOOT CRUTCH (good as well)!, then off to see james band MSI! (they were the shit i'd have to admit)!! that was the best part of the concert even if i knew no lyrics they were jsut great! i got a couple pics of them on my phone and they are now the background on my phone yes indeedy! and we were standing at the bottom so everyone started moshing and i was just like "omfg i'm gonna die!"!!lmao but some guys are such jerk they pushed me so they could leave the mosh and just barge through so i kept getting pushed forward as james was back somewhere lol!! but they were great i'm soooo glad we saw them!! then off to see THE STILLS for a couple minutes before heading over to see DASHBOARD! then off to dashboard and they sucked except for last 3 songs!! they were playin all slow songs and shit and i was mad and going to kill myself and them!! i was like falling asleep on james!! and i wasn't feeling good when they were playin and that made it worse but what can you do?!! then off to see the awesome AFI play!! they rocked and they were the shiiittt too!! them and MSI ruled the concert! during AFI brad and colin were makin hand puppets on ladies backs and asses with the shadows lol!! that was a riot and then they were imitating the lady in front of us dancing which was also hilarious!! but it was a great night got to my dads drove james home and got slurpees and then pick up colin from brads house!! oww oww!! it was great!! thanx to all who made it awesome!! now i have to get ready for work!!

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update duh! [18 Jun 2006|09:37am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well friday night i worked and when i got off me and my lil bro decided that me, him, and his friend mikey were going to have a bonfire! so i call up peeps for it but only ryan black could show up...so he chilled for a lil bit but then went inside with the guys! then he left after like 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then james showed up and we chilled in the backyard by the bonfire until he had to leave to go home!! it was a fun,cute, and funny night!then yesterday i worked in the morning then i got off a lil early cuz i felt like shit so i went on the com when i got home and then after like an hour i went to get ready for laurens house! so i go over there help set up and stuff then off to 7/11 with lauren cuz we all (us and her rents) wanted slurps!! so i drove! then back to lauren's and waitted for ppls to come over! rhett showed up first woot woot! then breakfast club was on and then more ppl showed up so we finally went outside!! it was sooo beautiful outside cuz the weather was perfect! so bunches of ppl show up and we all chill and it was an awesome night...jumping in pool with carolyn and terri and lauren was hot shit!! well james showed up wayyyy lata after like everyone already left! but oh well what can you do right?! but thanx lauren it was fun! and now today i'm off to the 89x concert!! peace! cell it!!

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..........#%#%$&^%&^......... [16 Jun 2006|10:00am]
[ mood | tired ]

OK well summer so far has been tha shit...(well mostly lol)...so wednesday after school amanda miller, krystal, and i went up to stoney creek!! we layed out our towels and tanned and ate peanut butter sandwiches thanx to amanda lol!!! then our whole class showed up with shaving cream and water guns so krystal and i walked over to say hi to everyone and then they come give us hugs and then we get the shaving cream on us and then krystal and i tactically got a shaving cream bottle from someone (yaaay to team work)...then Aj and Ryan showed up and we all hung out on the beach with the girls tanning and the boys burying things? lmao!! then we left at like around 2 and hit up amanda's house!! where we danced to some music and krystal and amanda went on the computer and then we played simpson monopoly and yes ryan is the king!! lol that was a bunch of fun me and ryan were going crazy over it lol!! good times good times! james showed up and he was my money advisor? or something lol! and then i gave up cuz both the guys were saying that i would lose and to have some dignity so i got sad and said fine lol! then we all just chilled and talked and ...I (DEE) got hung up on?? oh hell no! lol...then we went to ryans house and played some pool and some soccer games and listened to music then we went to the park and then back to ryans where james left and then everyone went on the com and i layed on the couch with a blankey! then to amanda's house to pick up my car and to burger king and then drop krystal off and then home! it was an awesome entire day (well mostly lol)!..then yesterday i worked till 4 and tehn took the stuff off my car and then hung at home and then went to my dad's house to visit my lil sista and my stepmom and my bro and of course my dad! then to burger king and home again at like 11! i hope krystal and the gang had fun last night i love you all i just wanted to go and see my sis since i never see her! and steph we will hang out and chill with the guys and party hope you had a nice night too!

cell it!

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